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A ‘glare’ is caused when the sun’s shining rays reflect off a solid surface or water. A ‘glare’ is typically horizontally polarized. And the lenses are made of vertical polarizers so Voila! They effectively neutralize the villainous glare! Advantages of Polarized Sunglasses: Polarized sunglasses are specially made for reducing the harmful effects of glare and eye damaging light.

CHAMBER RIBBON CUTTING: The Greater Hernando County Chamber of Commerce will have a ribbon cutting ceremony for the United Way’s Born Learning Trail at Veterans Memorial Park, 12254 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill, at noon Dec. 12. For information, call Angie Bonfardino Walasek at (352) 688 2026.

He was notably unapologetic about these comments when questioned about them on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning. “I’m standing up for ordinary people at the pub, the cricket club, the rugby club, the sort of people who remain completely unrepresented under the political system that we have,” he said. “My job is to upset The Guardian and the BBC.

A portfolio of equity securities that have not yet achieved their profit goals and are probably in negative Market Value territory because you sold the winners and replaced them with new inventory. Compounding the earning power! Similarly, you see a diversified group of income earners, chastised for following their natural tendencies (this year), at lower prices, which will help you increase your portfolio yield and overall cash flow. If you see big plus signs, you are not managing the portfolio properly..

It shows the conditions of these countries like Russia and Africa. There is further elaboration of the possibilities of curtailing the curse and how Canada and Norway managed to do this. This paper explains the mechanisms that were put in place to curtail the natural resource curse in these nations.

This Christology had, moreover, been rendered anachronistic by and was, to be sure, incompatible with the revolution of the Nicene homoousion. While my first point has been recognized by a number of scholars, Graham Gould for example and Georges Florovsky [7], the second, save for a passing suggestion by Gedeliahu Stroumsa, has so far escaped scholarly notice [8]. In support, I shall begin by calling the following three texts to witness: John Cassian’s Xth Collatio, chapter LXX of Epiphanius of Salamis’ Panarion, and the Coptic Life of Apa Aphou of Pemdje [9].

The other thing that is fuelling my natural love of objects is a wonderful new book by Orhan Pamuk. It is called The Innocence of Objects and is a kind of catalogue to his Museum of Innocence, a museum in an ordinary house in Istanbul which displays the objects collected by Kemal in the novel which shares the museum name. Pamuk always considered the museum and the novel to belong together and his initial thoughts about the novel were much more on the lines of the book he has now written to describe the collection.

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