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Now, a combination of council pressure and Government policy designed to give councils more say on planning matters could elbow the Environment Agency out of the picture.Canvey councillor Ray Howard said: “I believe this is in Canvey’s interest because we need to attract new businesses to Canvey and we also need to build more homes.”Some people have suggested there is not enough space on Canvey, but that is nonsense.”We need to build more homes in this country because house prices are so expensive it’s impossible for a young family to get on the housing ladder. ” The building freeze goes back to December 2006 when the Government reviewed how flooding risk was factored into planning policy.Land was classified from zone one low risk to zone three high risk and all of Canvey was deemed in zone 3.At the same time, the Environment Agency was made a statutory consultee on all planning applications.This meant the council was forced to follow any recommendations made by the Environment Agency, which tended to be tough because the island was a designated zone three flood risk.Together, these two policies made life very difficult for anyone wishing to build on Canvey.However, this is set change as the Government has put pressure on the Environment Agency to only offer advice on planning applications, as part of its bid to take planning policy out of the hands of central government.Steve Rogers, the council’s head of planning, said he expected to see an increase in the number of small developments in Canvey as a result.He explained: “The big difference is likely to be where a developer buys up an empty house or an abandoned plot and puts in an application for one, two or three new homes.”Over the early part of the decade, between 2000 and 2006, we got between 30 and 40 new homes from that source.”Since then there has only been a handful of applications and even those we had to refuse.”I expect we will now see a return to those type of applications.”However, it is not only small developments that are planned for Canvey.The council wants to build 400 homes, a new leisure centre and a new health centre on green belt land between Cornelius Vermuyden School and Convey Road, but the proposals have been strongly resisted by local residents. The council has already shown it is ready to ignore the wishes of the vast number of people on Canvey.”.

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