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But say no one has ever tried your sugar in the water experiment before. Maybe you have made a new discovery! What you need now is for someone else to try your experiment, using the same variables and methods that you used. The ability to duplicate an experiment by another experimenter is known as reproducibility..

2. Like everyone in the Top 3, this was a case of Johnny Mountain getting greedy. It’s the same idea as getting a too big breast augmentation. Paul Van Zyl served as Executive Secretary under Desmond Tutu of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa, helping to establish the commission, develop its structure and modus operandi, and manage its operations. Zyl is a recent recipient of a Skoll Foundation award as one of the leading social entrepreneurs in the world. Now with the International Center for Transitional Justice, based in New York City, he helps nations work through the trauma of past atrocities as they transition to an accountable rule of law..

One example is Eni SpA (NYSE:E), an oil and gas exploration and production company which trades on the New York Stock Exchange with the single letter stock ticker symbol ‘E’. The stock trades at 11.1 times trailing earnings and 8.9 times forward earnings. The company pays a generous yield of 4.9%, payable semi annually.

J LOC has recently increased its expanding mandrel collet line to include a long and extra long design. The J LOC workholding family includes quick change chuck jaws, quick change vise jaws and expanding mandrel collets. Collets,” said a company spokesperson.

The second, more subtle source is a result of pocket movement. If you push a lacrosse ball into your pocket until it is settled in the mesh and then slide the ball upwards towards the shooting strings while maintaining pressure on the pocket, what happens? If the ball eventually slides along the mesh, your pocket is anchored appropriately. If your entire pocket moves with the ball, then you need to make some adjustments..

Novelist Lipsyte has written three well reviewed books and received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2008. “And Sam we’re all such big fans of his writing and knew he’d bring a very different style and approach to this.” Jefferson shared an essay fittingly titled “We,” which she wrote for a current book project. Writing in the voice of her high school self, Jefferson tried to reconcile her membership in two distinct groups.

Sister worn them for 2 years or so before giving them to me. Lenses and frames have mild scratches and the bottom of the frame (where I rest them on a table) is starting to chip, but its not noticeable unless you know its there. I know the Wayfarer is a bit different since they are plastic vs the Aviator metal, but that should give some idea of durability.

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