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Patrick Poulos (M/Good Counsel, MD/ was all over the field and had a nice shot. A nice two way middie who projects well at Army after a likely MAPS year. The Washington Generals had Charlie Kiley (A/M/McLean, VA/ who had a nice goal against Zingos LC.

Your editorial misses the mark. Pendleton was chosen because his philosophy is congruent with the Reagan Administration. He has worked very earnestly to carry out his responsibilities in dismantling the civil rights programs enacted over a 20 year period.

L. R. Danielson (Durham), H. Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer: “It’s really a shame, it’s a shame for Canada, it’s a shame for boxing to have a decision like that. We had Canadian people, Canadian fans come up to us and tell us he (Hopkins) won. That is what is wrong with boxing.

Correctness in other words, is a phrase with very particular historical origins and significance. Unfortunately, it has been debauched by over use to the point where it is almost meaningless and it is to David Cameron credit that he said as much during his leadership campaign in 2005. It is not correct to stop children calling each other or in the playground.

Physical therapy plays an important role in the nonsurgical treatment of OAK. Physical therapists teach their patients how to protect the arthritic knee joint. This starts with tips on choosing activities that minimize impact and twisting forces on the knee.

With a large and impressive collection of art the Grand Marina is another hotel designed for people with a love for fine arts. The 278 rooms offer probably the cheapest of these hotels in no small part due to the fact that the Grand Marina was only founded in 2002. While a relative newcomer to the market though, the Grand Marina has a more than slightly impressive list of top class services to offer its discerning guests.

Round 6 of the Candidates tournament was not less interesting than the previous one, moreover it was marked with only two draws. One of the games which finished peacefully was played between Alexander Grischuk and Boris Gelfand. The latter missed a good chance of taking a point.

Barbara Diamond A proposal to revisit off site parking for Downtown businesses didn’t even come to a vote during the last City Council meeting. “Been there, done that,” said Councilman Wayne Baglin, who opposed doing it again. A City Council straw vote was evenly split Councilman Steve Dicterow was absent so no formal vote was taken..

“Even with my world class power it’s definitely going to be difficult for me to break him down, but I reckon I will get him out of there between the middle to late rounds. When the end does come it will be typically explosive. I might have to take a few shots first on the way in, but I am not worried about that it will just make for an even more exciting fight.

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