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An international team of astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) has made the first complete millimeter wavelength image of the ring of dusty debris surrounding the young star Fomalhaut. This remarkably well defined band of rubble and gas is likely the result of exocomets smashing together near the outer edges of a planetary system 25 light years from Earth. Observations Suggest Chemical Kinship to Comets in Our Own Solar System..

The Company also incorporates specialized services such as free hemming, free gift wrapping, layaways, a guest loyalty program, the Buckle private label credit card, and a special order system that allows stores to obtain specifically requested merchandise from other Company stores or from the Company’s online order fulfillment center. Customers are encouraged to use the Company’s layaway plan, which allows customers to make a partial payment on merchandise that is then held by the store until the balance is paid. For the past three fiscal years, an average of between approximately 3.2% to 3.7% of net sales have been made on a layaway basis, which is recorded as revenue upon delivery of the merchandise to the customer..

Transferable performance bonds ensure that all parties be responsible for their actions on such an undertaking. If they are not, the surety company issuing the bond pays for such expenses. Even if the party responsible for the mishap was not officially bonded by a particular surety, transferable performance bonds mean that such responsibility is still transferred to either the company which is bonded and employing that outside agency, or the surety company itself..

Sarah Klingenstein, 60, a retired teacher, drove an hour from Park City for the meeting, which she said was her first town hall. A registered independent, she said she is accustomed to feeling like a minority in a state that is conservative. But she said she now “feels great joining this groundswell.

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