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Years ago, the DNR prepared a long range plan designed to balance interest in expanded muskie fishing opportunities with those opposing muskie management and continued stocking. The compromise reached in this plan called for eight new waters to be stocked with muskie by 2020. Three of those lakes Roosevelt, Pokegema and the Sauk River Chain already have been stocked..

Mazak’s QUICK TURN 250MSY with multitasking functionality features two turning spindles, a 10,000 RPM rotary tool milling spindle and Y axis capabilities for single set up DONE IN ONE precision part processing operations. The machine’s 12 position, direct drive turret eliminates the use of belts for improved part surface finishes and reduced maintenance. It accepts both VDI and bolt on tooling..

Ever since President Bush and the Federal Reserve Board, without legal justification, blocked the settlement and then failed to honor a July 31 deadline imposed by Wanta, the Ambassador, who is legal trustor of the money, hoped for a quick resolution.However, after receiving no cooperation from the Bush administration and no receipt for the money, he decided to come forward Sunday with a “status update” regarding the progress of repatriating the $4.5 trillion earmarked for the American people.Besides the $4.5 trillion negotiated settlement in May, Wanta has been declared legal trustor of more than $27.5 trillion in offshore funds amassed when he was instructed by President Ronald Reagan to destabilize the Russian currency at the end of the Cold War, which turned into a highly successful financial program beyond Wanta and Reagan’s wildest dreams.But instead of using the money to strengthen America after Reagan was out of the picture, Bush Sr. And Clinton devised a plan to use the money for their own underhanded purposes, jailing Wanta in the process, as they then created phony front companies and illegal trusts to use the money illegally.And now, according to Wanta, the same people are trying to under mind the latest deal signed, sealed and delivered between Wanta, his AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.Wanta claims the $4.5 trillion has been diverted and stolen with the complicity of high level officials, including the President of the United States, Secretary of the Treasury, Henry M.Furthermore, he claims financial institutions are illegally trading the vast sum of money with up to $200 billion a day being illegally earned instead of the money being used to better the American economy.The following is Christopher Story’s status update of the Wanta saga, as provided on his web site listed above:”o Financial institutions are brazenly and illegally trading these tagged funds, that they do not own, overnight between each other, with up to $200 billion per day being earned and pocketed such accruals being by definition exclusively the stolen property of Ambassador Leo Wanta. The identity of some of the institutions, which can now be regarded as criminal enterprises, is known.”..

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