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Chiat/Day’s innovative work for clients like Nike, Nissan, Reebok and the Nynex Yellow Pages made it one of the most well regarded agencies of the 1980’s. So it is not surprising that its work is now the subject of a highly entertaining show at the Museum of Broadcasting. The program highlights Chiat/Day’s television work since the agency opened in 1968 in a series of six 45 minute segments, which will be shown on different days through Dec.

With 807.5 points, Knauss led the 1990 91 chase from November to April, beating runner up Phil Mahre, a three time World Cup champion, by 178 points. Mahre, who turns 34 in May, won the slalom last Sunday at Steamboat, Colo., to edge Ove Nygren of Norway by 5.5 points. Mahre, of Yakima, Wash., earned $138,550, Nygren $88,266, indicating that there was little trickle down effect from first place..

LeClerc’s time as president of the New York Public Library 1993 to 2011 overlapped with the revolution in digital media. He oversaw the creation of a digital library and its first online presence, and established partnerships with Google, Flickr and Apple’s iTunesU to vastly expand resources. These initiatives transformed the Library into a leading, free, global information resource.

Bars in Shanghai, like other metropolises, are clustered in streets and usually a night out entails going out to a specific street and stopping in for a few drinks at two or three (or four or five) different venues in a night. This practice is fading somewhat, however, as larger mega clubs are entering Shanghai and the bar scene is much more event based. Nowadays, partiers are planning their nights around a single specific event and tacking on an after hours party rather than just bar hopping on a street.

I try not to wear makeup when I can avoid it so I don’t clog my pores, and I use if I do wear makeup, it’s just a little bit of waterproof mascara and maybe some lip gloss. Oh, and my shampoo is honestly the best thing ever. I can’t wash my hair every day, and my hair doesn’t get greasy at all.

Rice abhorrent conduct. Second, they needed to appoint someone with no ties to the NFL, ideally a woman. Isn that Mueller lacks credibility or integrity in any way, Prof. Arsenal then proceeded to put in a shocking start to the game, getting overrun in midfield, pressed in defence and stifled in attack. The way Aguero waltzed past Elneny with ease and fire a shot past the static Koscielny was disgraceful from a defensive point of view. We somehow got back in it but continued to be cut apart by city, Ramsey and Elneny getting bossed by Fernando for goodness sake.

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