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It featured arrangements and contributions by John Paul Jones. Although the album had some strong moments, it had the same inexplicably placid inertia of ‘We Love You’, minus notable melodies or a convincing direction. The overall impression conveyed to critics was that in trying to compete with the Beatles’ experimentation, the Stones had somehow lost the plot.[22] Their drug use had channelled them into laudable experimentation but simultaneously left them open to accusations of having ‘gone soft’.

[3] Star clusters, like the Pleiades found in our own Milky Way galaxy, are made up of hundreds of stars. Others, like globular clusters, can contain hundreds of thousands to a few million stars. Though many stars in Milky Way originally form in clusters, some like the Sun drift away from their stellar nurseries and move freely throughout their home galaxy.

Also, since the weather has cooled down and there is moisture on the crops, there will be more pollution compared to rapid burning of the remnants.Sources reported that in several villages, there was little to no implementation of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) ban and fines for crop burning on farmers.In several places, farmers went about their business as usual or with ‘token penalties’. Incidents also came to the fore where lower level officials pocketed part of the money for not levying the full penalty.That’s despite Chief Minister Amarinder Singh’s government recently claiming that crop residue in Punjab had fallen by a significant 30 per centBageesh Kumar, a farmer in Kaithal district of Haryana, said: ‘Even till a few days back, acres and acres of land were burned.’More than 80 per cent of farmers here don’t know what’s a happy seeder and government agriculture department scientists only teach us how to use copious amounts of urea and pesticide instead of healthy ways of farming like mixing the straw in the land,’ Bageesh added.Joginder Mann, a farmer in Patiala’s Bahawalpur, attributed the lack of action to the reigning Congress government’s unwillingness to offend the farming class.’The Punjabi business community is already seething with anger over GST. Government employees are not being paid regularly as the state does not have enough funds.

Solar energy is not available at night, making energy storage an important issue in order to provide the continuous availability of energy. Both wind power and solar power are intermittent energy sources, meaning that all available output must be taken when it is available and either stored for when it can be used, or transported, over transmission lines, to where it can be used. Wind power and solar power tend to be somewhat complementary, as there tends to be more wind in the winter and more sun in the summer, but on days with no sun and no wind the difference needs to be made up in some manner.

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