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Step 1 Check that your Trollbeads are stamped with a manufacturer’s code. Silver and glass beads will have “925S LAA” stamped on them, while gold beads will have “750 LAA.” These codes can usually be found on either the bottom or inside of the bead, depending on the bead itself. Beads made before 2008 will not have these codes stamped on them, so collectors may want to avoid buying older beads, as it is harder to tell if they’re counterfeit..

For restaurants with banquet rooms or other large group facilities, wireless internet access is a selling point to get business luncheons or any group requiring multimedia presentations into your store. Wireless internet access is also a way to boost sales at restaurants that depend on repeat customers, not high volume, high turnover sales. Small neighborhood restaurants with wireless access can benefit tremendously..

If you’re looking for financial aid, you will be well served by looking for a listing of some of the scholarships available to engineering students today. Many of these scholarships are presented by professional organizations and societies. The Society of Women Engineers provides scholarships to women who are pursuing careers in engineering and computer science.

Astrology matches have the power and wisdom of the universe behind them. When you receive an accurate astrology online reading, you are putting yourself firmly into the flow of life, instead of swimming against the tide. The greater cycles of the universe act strongly upon our personal constitutions, and when we work with and within these inexorable cycles, we are giving ourselves our best chance for fulfillment..

The second round games of the Tal Memorial have started at 15.00 Moscow time. Some of the favourites, who received white in the first round as a result of the tournament draw through blitz, are playing with black today: Radjabov with McShane, Aronian with Tomashevsky, Nakamura with Caruana and Carlsen with Morozevich, who is actually also considered to be in the favourites group. You can follow the games live..

“After round 8 women seemed to have little chance to win but men had no chances to lose, says Ilya Levitov in the interview given to Russian chess Federation site. All the key matches have beem played and it is quite easy to finish the tournament. However when Tanya Kosintseva wasn able to win an endgame against Lahno, it seemed that it was impossible to win the Olympiad if you can win such positions..

CRIMINAL TRESPASS/DRUG PARAPHERNALIA, LIBERTY HILL APARTMENTS: While police were in the apartment complex leasing office on an unrelated matter May 6, a resident reported seeing someone climbing through an apartment window on Franklin Drive. Upon arrival, police could see two males in a bedroom window, then went to the door and spoke with a woman who said she had problems in past with her children allowing adults to sneak into the apartment through the windows. In this case, it was a Novelty man and a Solon man, both 19, who were also facing charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia..

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