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Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger today announced that Peter Holland has been named chief executive officer of Columbia University Investment Management Company (IMC). Mr. Matthew McConaughey seems to have the odds against him once his leg is injured in a college game. The injury stopped his dreams of going professional and hitting the big time. Years pass by, while he is predicting with crystal ball precision, winning sports scores for a small time 900 number company.

I can’t get used to them so I get just plain distant ones. What I have done in the past is look at measurements on the side arm of the glasses that fit then look for those sizes on Zenni. Another thing one can do is walk into a eye glass store, try on the frames, take selfies and then try to find a similar frame on Zenni (make note to look on the size arm or on the nose piece for measurements, they are 3 numbers).

No te preocupes. Don’t worry. I don’t believe any of that time, or any of that language learning, is wasted. Above all make sure that you are looking at certified diamonds. Most jewelry stores will tell you that the diamonds in their cases are certified but in fact they only have paper work from the store not from the GIA or AGS. Ask to see the certifications and if they say you can only have that information when you purchase the diamond run out of the store quickly.

Invasive carp barriers The Upper St. Anthony Falls lock was closed in June to prevent the upstream movement of invasive carp into the upper Mississippi River, a move the DNR supported. The DNR completed a final fish barrier that separates watersheds in southwestern Minnesota from the Missouri River basin, thereby preventing invasive carp from swimming from Iowa into Minnesota.

LARRY STEWARTNo More Runaround, Royal Lands a Shot at No. Firefighters Conclude Vote Today on Contract JEAN O. PASCO, SPECIAL TO THE TIMESDespite Sunny Skies, Storm Leaves Legacy T. “They are a classic example of the parents of someone who has become a star and think they’re stars,” Feinstein says. “They expect to be treated as stars. They are not unique, by any means, in that sense.

Time to move. Long, long climb. No one is passing me. An anti spyware coalition has been instituted by Microsoft, Earthlink, McAfee, and Hewlett Packard. They are working towards anti spyware legislation and putting protection systems in place. A survey shows that 87 percent of users know what spyware is and of this 40 percent through firsthand experience.

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