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The Russian trio is being chased by two players from the East with 5 points each Krishnan Sasikiran of India and Lu Shanglei of China. The latter is yet another extremely talented player from the Celestial Empire but still less known than Wei Yi and many others. He resembles the Chinese version of young Anatoly Karpov, in terms of both his chess style and appearance..

Some federations launched or supported court cases against FIDE and thus created financial problems for FIDE and a loss of distributable income for worldwide chess development. We believe that the damage that they thus inflicted on chess development around the world should be repaired by them reimbursing the lost funds, so that those funds can, as originally budgeted, be spent on chess development. We further believe that until that has been done, those federations should not be given any arbiter or Appeals Committee position by FIDE.

Regardless of the level of nursing degree, many states require continuing education in nursing to maintain a valid license. While there are many states with no CEU requirement, the remainder of the states require anywhere from 15 hours in a two year renewal period to 36 hours in a three year renewal. It is important to check with your state nursing board for licensure information..

Quick confession I’m married. Met my wife at work almost 10 years ago. Prior to her, probably had four/five girlfriends and a couple of I guess these days you’d call them friends with benefits all either work colleagues or clients. The hills over Pacific Coast Highway are home to some of the best hiking trails in Orange County, offering 18 miles of paths overlooking the pristine cove and expansive ocean. While other beaches in Newport are often crowded, the beach at Crystal Cove is a little further out of town and harder to reach so there are usually less people milling around. The trails wind atop the hillsides alongside coastal plants as well as down into a canyon below, where Moro Creek winds through a wooded area.

I am having major computer issues (screw you Microsoft) so I can’t show you my Yosemite pictures yet. This has been a really crappy week. I’m feeling like a failure as an adult. Third, design your page so viewers have to scroll down as little as possible. Let it be “above the fold.” Try to put it all right there in their faces! You don’t want visitors to have to move around looking for information. The easier you make it for them to sign up for your list, the more likely it is that they will..

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